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March General Meeting

Social Justice Issues; What can we do?

Thursday, March 27 

Garden Center,3105 Grant

6:00 pm - Social Hour

6:30 pm - Program

The Big Questions
Here are some of the questions we will discuss to get the discussion going:

1. What are some factors that lead to differences in income levels? Is income disparity an inevitable element in our economy, or is it avoidable? Is the work of some worth intrinsically more than that of others?


2. Is there something inherently wrong about income inequality? At what point might differences in income levels become so extreme that they could be viewed as obscene? Does it matter what led to the income inequality? Give examples of righteous or sinful ways of acquiring income that may lead to economic inequality.


3. Every financial interaction involves mutual exploitation (each person -- on both sides -- uses the transaction for profit). When does such exploitation become unjust?


4. Have you always had the same level of income throughout your life? If not, what has contributed to the variation in your income over time?


5. Why do you suppose we root for "Robin Hoods" to fleece the rich to give to the poor? Is income equalization a godly goal? Even if it is, does the attempt to achieve it justify sins of envy, covetousness and stealing? Is there an essential difference between taking from the poor to give to the rich, and taking from the rich to give to the poor?


Please read the attached articles (Festival of Dangerous Ideas.docx and Gap Widens Between the Wealthy and the Poor.docx) for background information for our discussion and  bring any other resources that are relevant.  We can continue this discussion at other meetings.






General Meetings.

4th Thursday of each month (not during summer)




      Board Meetings:  2nd Thursday of each month, 5:30 pm

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